Ellie at 9 months

Ellie girl is 9 months. She is still so sweet and petite. She is in size 3 diapers. Weighs 16 lbs 6 oz (20%ile), height 2’2 in (8%ile) (which she shrunk from her last appt, so I just don’t think they do an accurate job of measuring).

She is starting to be a bit more clingy. She wishes she could be held all day. But has moments where she really enjoys playing with toys and getting into things. As long as sister isn’t by her side telling her no and grabbing everything out of her hands. Ellie is fast. She loves grabbing anything in her sight, and when she does, she does it at lightening speed. You don’t even see it coming.

She is still a terrible sleeper and I’m this close to doing something about it. She wakes up every 2 hours and I just need to be a functioning human again. So I think we’ll start some training soon. Her naps are still 30 minutes long and she wakes up crying and is still terribly exhausted.

On Jan 17, she started to slowly do an army crawl. An inch here, an inch there. The next day, Jan 18, she was full on army crawling. She was thrilled with this new found freedom! She could follow mommy and sister down the hallway, she could go into the kitchen, she could sneak off to grab toys, etc. She’s a happy girl. She also does a good job pushing herself back from crawling to sitting position. So she’ll go grab a toy and then push herself back into sitting position to hold and look at her toy. It makes her seem like such a big kid.

Ellie still does not like texture in foods. She gags on thick stuff and anything with any kind of texture or grainy feel. I keep trying to give her puffs or cheerios, but nope. She makes a stink face and spits them right out.

We love our sweet Ellie.


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