Ellie at 8 months

Ellie girl is still a very calm, neutral baby. But usually a very happy baby. She rarely complains or makes any mad sounds. Only when she’s really tired and wants to nurse NOW. She still gets so excited to see sister. She kicks her legs and has the biggest smile.

Ellie has started to chat a bit. She doesn’t chat frequently, but when she does it’s the cutest, most dainty sound. She will just make a blahblahblah sound. And sometimes she just opens and closes her mouth without any sound haha.

Ellie sleeps mostly on her tummy, and occasionally on her side. She is still a terrible sleeper. Naps 30 minutes at a time. Waking up every 2 hours at night. We are trying to figure out where to put her crib since she is getting too big to be in her co sleeper. But we just don’t have the space to put her crib. We need to do some major rearranging to get it in our bedroom. And then I can work on some sleep training.

She is now a rolling pro! She just rolls all over the place.

Daddy had a lot of time off over Christmas and got to be home. It was the best. He and Ellie really started to connect and it was so beautiful to see.

I gave Ellie some puffs to try and she was not a fan. I put them in her mouth and she just stuck her tongue out with it stuck on there and would shake her head. Ellie does not like texture. Any food with any type small texture, she gags or spits it out.

We love our cute, dainty, chill girl so much.

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