Ellie 10 months

Ellie is ten months and is just becoming more and more fun. She is still a very neutral baby, but she is starting to smile more and be more engaged. On Feb 2, she started clapping! We ask her to clap and she daintily claps away. She waves when we say hi, bye bye, or good night. Any time I ask her a question, she’ll shake her head no. We all think it’s hilarious.

She is full on crawling now. No more army crawling for Ellie. She is a full blown crawler and is super fast. Ellie loves playing with toys when she’s all alone. It’s actually pretty funny to see how different her behavior is when Madeline is at school and Ellie gets to play with the toys all on her own. You can see her body is more relaxed and she’s happy. Don’t get me wrong, she loves her sister and loves to be with her and play with her. But when big sis isn’t around, she’s free to play with whatever she wants, she doesn’t have to worry about her grabbing things out of her hands or yelling no, she doesn’t have to worry about big sis coming over to give her a big love squeeze.

She is eating a little better. She eats a lot of fine, baby food, but still no puffs or pieces of bananas. I try, but she just spits them right out. I’m just gonna keep on trying, cause it would really make my life a bit easier if she could eat some finger foods on her own. When she’s all done eating, she gets so excited when I take her out of the high chair. She squeals and wiggles her arms and legs and lunges her body towards me.

Ellie is still in size 3 diapers and is wearing 6-9 month size clothes.

She can really understand a lot of words now. She responds to her name, when we tell her no, food, nurse, hi, bye bye, night night, sleep, wave, Madeline, Momma, Dada.

Her first tooth popped through on Feb 12. Baby tooth #P came through, and you can see #O right next to it, but still under the tissue.

This last month we started SLEEP TRAINING. It didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped or as it did with Madeline. But it definitely has helped. Feb 8, I decided, ya know what, I just need to do this now. So I looked over my notes from the sleep specialist I spoke with for Madeline, and try to put it all into action. We moved Madeline’s toddler bed into our bedroom, right next to me. So Ellie has her own room while we try to sleep train. Once she is sleeping well enough on her own, we will have them share a room.

I tried talking it out with her and then that night, I nursed her out in the family room, then sang her songs in the chair in her dark room, and put her down in her crib in her zipadee zip (she can’t sleep without it) and made sure she had enough pacifiers around. She was not happy about. We listened to her cry and scream for 40 minutes :'( It was rough. It wasn’t as traumatizing to me as it was with Madeline, maybe cause I’m more experienced and I’m more over the needing me to sleep thing, so I’m just like, cry, this is good for you… So I went in to reassure her twice in that 40 minutes of crying. She slept from 7:34 until 11, then up at 2:30, 4:30, 6:30.

The next day she was extra clingy. It was sad. It took about 7 days for her to fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. It took about 14 days for me to put her in her down at night in her crib and not cry. It was/is a very long process. After 2 weeks of sleep training, she got a fever and had a bad cold. And then it seemed like everything went out the window.

She now knows the routine at night, and the putting to bed isn’t ever a problem. Which I LOVE. It makes my life a million times easier. I don’t have to make Madeline watch another show while I nurse Ellie to sleep. I can just  nurse her out there, and then it takes about 2 minutes in the room. It’s wonderful. She still wakes up at night, but it’s getting better. Some nights are alright, and some night are bad. Sometimes it’s Ellie that gives me a bad night, and sometimes it’s Madeline, and usually it’s both.

So the sleep training it still a work in progress, but it has helped a lot with bedtime, and her naps are better too. She is starting to take longer naps.

I love Ellie’s sweet, wide smile and prominent chin. She always smells so yummy and is sooooo kissable!

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