Ellie is ONE!

Ellie is ONE! Oh we love this sweet baby girl so much. Really, we are all so obsessed with her. But I think Madeline wins. Big sister absolutely adores baby sis. It is so sweet. Ellie has started to come a bit more alive. She has started to show more emotions, especially happy ones. She has shown more interest in playing with Madeline and wanting to be around her. She is starting to laugh and smile a lot more. Her laugh is so deep and hearty, which is so similar to Madeline’s laugh. I love it! She also makes a really good stink face! And she’s not afraid to use it!

She is still petite as ever. She weighs 18 lbs 6 oz (28%ile) and I just don’t trust the height measurement because of the way they measure her. She has proven to be a picky eater. She just barely started to eat puffs and bits of banana. She is always really intrigued by what we are eating and always wants a little taste. But then more often than not, will just spit it out.

Ellie gets so excited when she sees other babies. She wants to grab them and pat them intensely. She also loves to snuggle with dolls and stuffed animals. Ellie has started to babble a bit more and it’s so cute and so much fun. Ellie will take her brush and put it up on her head and move it a little bit like she’s brushing her hair. She still has really bad cradle cap.



Ellie really really loves Daddy. She still gets so excited when we come in to get her in the mornings or after naps. She stands up in her zippy with her paci in hand or in her mouth and lets out a happy squeal. She is still sleeping pretty well, but wakes 1-2 times a night and her two naps range from 30 min to 2 hours.

When we are playing with the pretend kitchen and food, she will grab some food and pretend to take a bite by moving her mouth up and down quickly. And she will take a bite with a spoon and then put the spoon up to my mouth to take a bite. I will ask Ellie if she can hand me something or get something for me and she does. I love that she is starting to understand things more now. Ellie really loves the grey chair. She loves sitting in it, but especially standing in it. Because it backs up to our side table and she loves just grabbing and throwing everything off of it. Ellie is fearless. She has no problems climbing onto things or being up high or walking up to strangers. She also loves dogs. Any time she sees a dog, she will get so excited and start making a high pitched “whua” sound.

Ellie is so much fun and we really adore her!!

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