Ellie at 6 months

Ellie got to try food for the first time on October 7. She was a little over 5 months and we just felt like she was ready. She was pretty thrilled trying some sweet potato and carrot mixed with breast milk. She anxiously leaned toward each bite.

She shakes her head back and forth a lot. She sits alright in the bumbo, but still pretty wobbly.

I tried to go without chocolate for a week to see if it would make a difference in her sleep, but it didn’t change a thing. I also tried limiting dairy, but same thing, I didn’t notice anything different in spit or sleep. So who knows how to solve the sleep mystery! She is still swaddled, and I’m trying to figure out how to transition her out of it.

There have been a handful of times that Ellie has woken up from her nap and Madeline is out with Daddy or with her Grandmas or Aunties, and she just looks and looks for sister. She knows something is not right haha. It’s so sweet. She just loves that big sister.


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