Ellie at 5 months

dsc07691This adorable, non sleeping girl is 5 months! I feel like it has been the longest 5 months… I have really been struggling dealing with this no sleep thing. It was fine when I only had one kid, but it’s a whole different story when you have a threenager to love, have patience with, entertain, and actually get out of the house with (which also means looking and smelling presentable). So everyday is a work in progress. Ellie is a terrible night sleeper and I feel like I have tried every avenue to help her and figure out this mystery. And I am a terrible detective because I just can’t figure it out. I have tried about 5 different sleep swaddles – the miracle blanket, the velcro swaddle, the zipadee zip, Merlin’s magic sleep suit, Love to Dream swaddle, and sleeping on her tummy. So far, there’s no magical sleep thing. I just use the velcro swaddle cause it’s easiest for me to do in the middle of the night. She likes to be swaddled, but as soon as she escapes, she’s awake and can’t go back to sleep on her own. Heavenly Father has thrown a few tender mercies my way and she will occasionally sleep a longer stretch. Like the other night, she slept 4 hours straight! Haha woohoo! But then after that was up every 30 minutes or so. Anyway, I’m exhausted and my patience is thin. So I’m desperate to find an answer.

dsc07680I was talking with some friends about it and they asked if she had acid reflux. One friend said she cut out chocolate and that was the answer, and then one friend said she just gave her son a prescribed medicine for the reflux and then he all of a sudden started sleeping. So we tried the medicine. But she is not magically sleeping. I do feel like she settles down and falls asleep easier, and also has less spit up. But I still don’t know if she really has acid reflux or not. Some nights, she would have such a hard time settling down and she would cry and arch her back and fuss, so we would give her some tylenol thinking maybe it’s teething? And she would eventually calm down. But I hate giving her medicine for no reason. So I decided to try an Amber teething necklace. Nathan didn’t like the necklace idea, so we settled on an anklet. We tried that a few nights, but it made no difference. I don’t think she’s teething, so I don’t think it can be helpful yet. Some friends swear it works, but we are both a little skeptical. I’m more just hopeful that it works.

She takes 2-3 naps during the day. She always wakes up in the morning and is still sleepy. Poor baby that isn’t getting any sleep at night! She takes her first nap around 8:30 and will sleep about 30 minutes. Most of her naps are 30 minutes long and then right on the dot, she’s awake. But still very tired. I will try to get her back to sleep, but if she fights it, I can’t spend 30 minutes to try to win her to sleep, so I usually give up and let her sleep on me at the park or on an outing. Then she takes a 2nd nap around 1:00. I’ll get Madeline down for a nap around 12:30-12:45 and then I’ll go get Ellie down. I usually have 30 minutes to myself, then Ellie wakes up, I get her back to sleep, and as soon as she’s asleep, then Madeline is up from her nap. Then depending on how long her afternoon nap is, which is usually her best nap, she will go down for the night around 6 or 7. Then who knows how the night will go. Oh well, I won’t be sleep deprived forever, right??

dsc07718Ellie wears size 2 diapers and wearing 3 months size onesies and 6 month size jammies. Almost all of her baby hair has fallen out. She had long wispy baby hair randomly all over her head and then one big chunk on top, and it was driving Nathan crazy. He was always asking me to cut it off, but I said no way! I wanted to hang on to her baby hair and let it fall out on it’s own. Then he asked me again one day, and I was flustered, exhausted, and annoyed and I was just like, fine! Do whatever you want! He’s like, seriously? He got so excited, he grabbed his razor that he uses for his hair and went for it. After one swoop, he said, whoops, I think I cut that too short… I rolled my eyes and took over with SCISSORS, not a razor.

Ellie does not like to be on her tummy, so we don’t have tummy time too often. Although she needs it to work out her back muscles more. She has rolled over a few times, but just doesn’t care to do it. She sits in the bumbo a little bit.

This girl is still chill, patient, sweet, and always has a neutral face. It takes a lot to get her to smile and laugh. But Madeline can always do the trick. She really love her sister. Ellie adores watching Madeline’s every move. Which is great, but not great when I’m trying to get her to nurse. She really enjoys looking at everything around her. It’s fun that she is more alert now.

We sure do love our Ellie girl.




dsc07685She is always blowing raspberries, or has her hands or some other object in her mouth.








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