Ellie at 11 months

Look at that perfect face! We love our Ellie girl so much. It has been so much fun watching her become her own little person. She really has her own opinions and doesn’t like to be bossed around (uh oh, lots of trouble ahead with Madeline who really loves telling others what to do!). ¬†She is just such a pleasant presence. She gets SO excited to see Madeline when she wakes up. And when she hears Daddy’s voice, her entire body gets excited and she rushes towards him. And she loves her mommy, and especially loves to nurse. She is so sweet and yummy. Ellie will give big, wet, open mouth kisses. They are the sweetest. She doesn’t give out smiles and laugh very easily, but when she does, it makes us all smile and laugh along!!

Ellie takes 1-2 hour naps twice a day. She wakes up twice at night, usually around 11-1 and 4-5am. But I don’t mind her night wakings because I just go in and nurse and sometimes change her diaper and then put her back down. I don’t have to hold her until she falls asleep, so that’s nice. Ellie has 2 teeth on the bottom.

Ellie really enjoys bath time. She kicks and splashes and squeals. She also really loves to be outside. Ellie plays peekaboo and loves watching Madeline do anything and everything. She is so entertained by her, which is very helpful for me! Ellie has started to be slightly bashful when people she doesn’t know look her straight in the eyes. If she sees us give high fives, she’ll put her hand up and leave it there ¬†until she gets one too. When she’s hungry or she sees food that she’s excited to eat, she will flap her arms all around. She gets so excited when Madeline and I go in to get her in the morning and from her naps. We are all obsessed with this Ellie girl!!

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