Paci Party!

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I am SUPER proud of this girl. Madeline was highly addicted to her pacifier. A few months back, I tried to initiate pacifier use only during sleep time. So her pacis lived in her crib. But it was still hard for her. She wanted them a lot throughout the day, or if she was sad she wanted it. I would always tell her they lived in her crib, so during the day, if she wanted them, I’d say, okay fine, you can sit in your crib if you want it. And she’d say, okay. So she’d hang out in her crib for a while with her pacis haha. Then she’d be sick, so I’d give in and she would have it all day. I just felt it getting out of control. I also didn’t like seeing her open bite and watching it get bigger and bigger. I decided it was time to say goodbye. I also felt it was a good time to do it because baby sister is coming and I wanted her to be out of her paci habit before the baby came and had a paci of her own. I wanted Madeline to know it is a baby thing and not a big girl thing. I felt like it would be much harder to take it away from her if she saw baby sister with one all the time.

February 17, 2016, we had our paci party! I did it on a Wednesday during the day, so that I could take the brunt of it all before going back to work on Monday and leaving her in the care of our mothers. It would have been fun to have daddy there, but it needed to be done long before bed time!


First thing we did was gather all the pacifiers. I didn’t even know we had so many! There were a ton down, behind her crib. We gathered them up and put them in a box.


DSC05804We sealed it up and addressed it to the Paci Fairy who was going to come get the box and take it to her house and “save them for baby sister.” She was pretty happy and excited through the whole process! She just didn’t quite understand exactly what was going to happen…


DSC05819We left the box outside the door for the Paci Fairy to come pick it up.

DSC05822Then Madeline got cake and a present! She was beyond thrilled to get all that cake! She was nice enough to share some with me 🙂



DSC05833I told her to show me her pretty blue eyes and she did! haha

DSC05839My sweet, happy girl.

DSC05842After cake, she got her present! The gift was in an amazon box, and when she unwrapped the paper, she exclaimed, “A package!!!” She was just excited to get a package, she didn’t really care what was inside haha. We opened it up and she was excited to play with her new toys in her kitchen. Now she can “wash” dishes like mommy!


The whole paci party event was a hit. She was super happy and compliant the whole time. Until bedtime… I knew it was coming. I wanted to paint a big picture of it all for her so she could look back on that day and see all the fun she had and know that her pacifiers were okay and that baby sister was going to have them soon. I felt like having something to explain to her would be much easier than just saying, okay no more pacis!

The first night was awful. I knew it would be, but it was so much harder than I thought. I think also being pregnant and extra emotional and extra tired made it extra difficult. Madeline was crying and crying for her paci. She was really mad and really sad. It was ripping my heart out. I was about to cry along with her. I tried my best to stay calm, cool, and collected. But it was really hard. I was about to give in and go down and open up that box and plug her up. But I had already gone this far and I wasn’t backing down. I ended up holding her through the night. It was hard. The next day for nap was also rough. She kept saying how she didn’t like that the lady (paci fairy) took her pacis 🙁 My heart was breaking.

The next night, she went to bed with NO TEARS! Victory!! She woke up a few times during the night, but not bad. WHEW. That went much smoother than expected. I was expecting a few more nights like the first. During the day, I made sure to talk about it a lot, so that she would try to understand it all a little bit better. I also tried to emphasize that she’s a big girl.

She’s been doing great without it. She still takes naps (whew!), though not as long, and she wakes up at least once a night crying. Not crying for her paci, just wakes up and needs mommy or daddy. And she no longer just hangs out in her crib forever in the mornings. Now when she wakes up, she instantly starts crying. She used to hang out for 30-45 min in her crib, just hanging out and talking and singing to herself. It was wonderful. But now it’s a very abrupt wake up call. She will still ask for it every now and then. Her impeccable memory prevents her paci from leaving her brain. I’m beyond proud of this girl for overcoming that extremely tough battle. She is amazing and I’m so glad that’s over with.


  1. So proud of our big girl!

  2. Ashley

    You handled this SO great Rachel. Such a genius way to do it. And I cant believe how big she is getting. When I scrolled down and saw your last post she looked So little!!

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