Madeline Mae is TWO!!

I want to eat this girl up every day! She is such a pleasant human being. But of course, being two, it’s in her nature to randomly throw tantrums and want to do the opposite of what I say. But in general, she’s just a well mannered, sweetie pie. Nearly everything she does and says is so funny. I love the random things that come into her head and come out of her mouth. She is such a smart girl and always surprises me with the things she knows and says. I love that she is such a person.


Madeline loves counting things. She can count all the way up to 20, but whenever she counts she’ll usually skip a few numbers. Madeline loves books. I love when I catch her just sitting and looking through books. Her absolute favorite books are all of the “If You Give A…” books. She has them all memorized.

Collecting rocks is probably her number one favorite thing to do. Every time we are outside, she finds the rocks. And has to pick them up and put them in her own or my butt pants pocket. Sometimes I’ll give her a baggy and we will go outside and she will spend a good hour just putting little rocks into her bag.

I love how observant this girl is. She will notice the smallest details. Like when I have earrings in, she’ll point them out, or when I change my shirt, she knows. When I come into her room the mornings I am headed to work, she’ll point out my scrubs and say, “Mommy work.”

She usually calls me Mamma and Nathan, Daddy, but occasionally we’ll get the “MOM.” or “DAD.” and it always makes me laugh. It makes her seems like such a teenager when she says it like that.

Madeline loves to sing. She sings in the car to herself, she sings to her babies, she’ll sing while she plays contently with her legos. Side note, we got some legos from our dear friend Ashley and they have been the BEST thing in the world. Madeline loves to play with them and builds, “A castle!” and “A tower!” They keep her busy, playing by herself for hours. I am so grateful for those legos! Back to singing, she is the sweetest little singer. At night, she’s recently started to sing with me as I sing to her in bed. She knows all the words to “I Am A Child of God” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” “Families Can Be Together Forever” “I Love To See The Temple” “ABCs” and most of the words to “Teach Me to Walk In The Light” “Baptism Song” “Skidamarink” and the chorus of “Follow the Prophet”. Sometimes she has to clear her throat a bunch of time before she starts singing.

Not only does she love to sing, but she is attracted to musical instruments. She recognizes a lot of musical instruments and loves to pretend she has a violin or a guitar. And of course, she loves to plink out on the piano. She still loves to color and to paint. But lately, whenever she paints she mostly just wants to “Paint nail!” And she’ll just paint her finger until there’s a huge layer of paint on it.

She is really great at playing by herself. She mostly wants my attention, but a lot of times during the day, she will just play by herself. It is a huge blessing. She will play with her legos, with play doh (and make “cakes” thanks to Riley who was over once and made them with Madeline), she will play with her dolls and push them around in the stroller with all her purses on her arms and scarves around her neck, and she loves to put things in bags. That will keep her busy for a long time, just give her a bag and she’ll stay busy. She loves walking around the house in her “tap shoes”, which are some navy and red flats that are too big for her from Riley. But she will wear them all day long.

She is so good at saying she loves us and when we tell her, she will instantly say, “I love you too”. She is so cute when she says I love you. She will sometimes say, “I love you forever” and it melts me. She loves to yell it out to Daddy through the door when she’s in her crib or when he’s in the room working. She is such a sweet girl. I love watching Nathan and Madeline together. They love each other so much, it’s incredible. They always have so much fun together. Madeline loves having daddy swing her around and jump with her and throw her into the air. Daddy is the fun guy. She loves to watch football with Daddy. Sometimes I’ll catch her randomly saying, “Go Cougars!” I love the little moments I catch of them snuggling, or quietly talking to each other. Nathan is great dad and super husband. Best guy I could have picked.

On August 3 we noticed her 2nd molars popping through. And that day she also started out a dinner prayer all on her own, “Heavenly Father, grateful…”

Some things Madeline says,


“Yeah true.”

“I gotcha.”

“Oh cuuuute.” I love when I tell her that she looks cute, and she’ll say, “You’re cute, momma.”


“Okay, so…”

“No thank you.” “Thank you.” “Please.” “Yes please.” She’s normally a very polite girl.

“Go ahead.”

“Come back here!”

“Calm down, mamma!” She actually uses this in correct times. When I’m raising my voice at her, she’ll tell me calm down. Back in July, Grandma Donna took Madeline to the zoo and she said they were watching the monkeys and the monkeys were all going crazy, and she yelled at the monkeys, “Calm down!!”

“Right now!”

“Ooopsy daisy.”

“Perfect.” She’ll place something where she thinks it should be or moves us over where she wants us and says, perfect.

“Chew first.” When we tell her to take another bite, she’ll say Chew first, and point to her mouth and exaggerate her chewing while nodding her head. I love it.

“Nakey!” Any time she sees one of us naked before we get into the shower, she loves to call it out. Sometimes she’ll even run up and smack my bare butt!

“One minute!” She loves to call this out to us when she’s doing something and we call her over to change her diaper or something. Or when she’s in the bath tub, I’ll tell her it’s time to get out and she’ll roll onto her tummy to “swim” and she’ll say, one minute!

“Eeeeasy. Eaaaasy.” With her hands up.

“Her daddy.” (for Here daddy.) But she’s getting better at saying here and it’s making me sad.

A few months ago, she would say, “Lipit on” (lipstick on), but she can talk so much more clear now. It’s amazing how fast she grows and changes and learns. She looooooves lipstick. So much. If I let her play with all my make up, she probably would for hours and be in heaven. But I’ll only give her my blush brush, and that is just NOT good enough.

I’ll catch her talking to her babies and she’ll kiss them on the heads and rock them and call them “sweetie pie”s. She is such a good little momma.

She’s really in tune to emotions. Sometimes she’ll ask me, “What’s the matter mommy?” Or if she can see that I’m frustrated, she’ll say, “Happy?” and I’ll tell her no, I’m frustrated, and then she’ll say, “Oh. Frustrated.” Sometimes she’ll do something naughty and look at me with a guilty smile and say, “Happy?” She always comments on people crying in church or points out babies when they’re sad.

On October 14, I was over on the stairs putting something in Nathan’s work bag and she ran over and asked, “Mommy what are you doing here?” That was the first time she used such a long sentence.

She likes to say the full name of things for some reason. Like, refrigerator, telephone, bicycle, pacifier. Even though we don’t use those full names, she will.

DSC05374Madeline is the boss girl. She definitely calls the shots around here and loves to order us both around. And if we don’t comply, she will let us know she’s not okay with it!

She loves to be the funny girl.

She loves to play “Doctor Ana”. She will use things to check in my ears and mouth. She will feel my chest and check my back. Dr. Ana is the Indian doctor from Daniel Tiger. AND Madeline’s doctor is Indian and her first name is Ana. So we call her Dr. Ana. Her Dr loved when we told her that she was the exact same as the doctor on Daniel Tiger.

She loves to “Watch a show!” first thing in the morning. And all day if we let her. Her favorites are Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sophia the First. She occasionally likes to watch other random PBS kids shows, like Sid the Science Kid, Bob the Builder, Word Girl, and Super Why.

Madeline loves to my helper. Nothing makes her more proud and excited than helping me or Nathan. If I’m doing laundry, she loves helping me fold. If I get the soap out and ask if she wants to pour it, she practically bursts with excitement and starts jumping up and down in a contained way. When I’m emptying the dishwasher, she runs over and can’t wait to help. She knows she can only help unload the top rack, which has all of her plastic stuff. She’ll pull it out and without looking at me, she’ll hand it out to me and say, “Here Mom.” If Nathan or I ask her to bring something to the other person, she gets so excited and obliges quickly. She loves to feel needed and important.

Madeline is still not really into playing with kids her own age. But kids that are a little older, she looooves to watch and follow and play along. It’s so funny. She’s a big people watcher. When we go to the park or to this play place in CV, she will just sit and watch kids play.

She still loves my chest. When she’s sad, she’ll move my shirt away and nuzzle onto my chest. Sometimes she’ll take in a big whiff. I love it.

She has been the perfect first child. She has helped me learn so much. The biggest lesson is patience. I feel like I’ve been tried with that in my life so many times, and Madeline helps me to continue learning and perfecting it. She has taught me so much about love and life. It’s pretty amazing what becoming a mother will do to you.

We sure do love this big girl of ours. And we looooove those curls!!
















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  1. She’s such a bright, inquisitive, and sweet girl. I’m glad you are capturing her milestones and her personality.

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